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Synaxis of the

Mother of God in Areovindus



The Three Women Martyrs

Who received their faith through St. Charalampus




St. Amantius





St. Anastasius

Patriarch of Jerusalem




St. Anatolius

Metropolitan of Odessa New Hieromartyr  +1938









St. Anna

Princess of Kashin













St. Anna

Princess of Novgorod






St. Austreberta

Abbess of Pavilly



St. Baldegundis

Abbess of Saint-Croix in Poitiers in France




St. Baptus

Martyr +202



St. Basil

Bishop of Novgorod






St. Charalampus


Hieromartyr +202









St. Desideratus (Désiré)

Bishop of Clermont +11





St. Ennatha






St. Erluph

Bishop of Werden in Germany










St. John (Chimchimeli)

The Philosopher












St. Merewenna

Abbess of Romsey, in the south of England












St. Moses

 Bishop of Novgorod






St. Paul





St. Porphyrius

Martyr +202









St. Prochorus

Ascetic, of the Kiev Near Caves








St. Prothadius (Protagius)

Bishop of Besançon in France




St. Salvius

Ascetic, Abbot of Albelda in the north of Spain









St. Scholastica

Ascetic, Sister of St Benedict



St. Silvanus

Bishop of Terracina in Italy




St. Soteris

Virgin Martyr










St. Trumwin

Bishop of the Southern Picts in Scotland













St. Valentina







St. Zenon





St. Zoticus



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