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The Finding of the Holy Relics of

 St. Innocent of  Irkutsk












St. Alexander

Martyr of Cyprus








St. Alexander

Martyr of Rome





St. Alto

Founder of monastery, now called Altomünster 










St. Ammon

Bishop of Cyprus




St. Ammon











St. Ammon

Martyr of Cyprus




St. Anshert

Bishop of Rouen









St. Cronan The Wise

 (Cuaran, Curvinus)

Bishop in Ireland












St. Eingan

 (Einion, Eneon, Anianus),

  hermit at Llanengan near Bangor









St. Donatus

 Martyr, Deacon 








St. Marcellus

Bishop of Sicily








St. Nebridius

 Bishop of Egara near Barcelona in Spain










St. Nicephorus

 Martyr +257











St. Pancratius

Bishop of Tauromenia











St. Peter

Hieromartyr, The Damascene +775










St. Philagrius

Bishop of Curium, Cyprus









St. Primus

 Martyr, Deacon
















St. Romanus

Ascetic, Wonderworker of Cilicia












St. Sabinus

Bishop of Canosa in Apulia in Italy










St. Shio Mgvime











St. Teilo

(Teilio, Teilus, Thelian, Teilan, Teio, Teliou, Dillo, Dillon) 

Ascetic, Wales




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