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The Beheading  of

St. John, the Baptist

Prophet and Forerunner






St. Adelphus

Bishop of Metz in France




St. Alberic

A monk who lived at Bagno de Romagua in Italy




St. Anastasius

  (Spas) of Stroumitsi, Bulgaria 1794









St. Arcadius

Bishop of Arsinoe, Cyprus




St. Basil

Emperor, of Macedonia




St. Candida










St. Edwold

Brother of St Edmund the Martyr?




St. Euthymius

Father of St Crescentius





St. Medericus (Merry)

Abbot of St Martin's in Autun






St. Sabina





St. Sabina

Sister of St Sabinian of Troyes





St. Sator (Satyrus)

Martyr in Velleianum in Apulia









St. Sebbe

(Sebba, Sebbi)

King of Essex in England










St. Theodora

Ascetic of Thessalonica



St. Velleicus


Abbot of Kaiserswerth



St. Vitalis

Martyr In Velleianum in Apulia


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