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27th APRIL

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St. Asicus [Ascicus,Tassach]

Patron-Saint of Elphin in Ireland











St. Enoder

(Cynidr, Kenedr, Quidic) 









St. Eulogius

Martyr, The Hospitable





St. Floribert

Bishop of Liège in Belgium




St. George

Ascetic, The New Stylite



St. John

of Kastoria


St. John

Ascetic, Abbot of the Catharon Monastery



St. Liberalis

Priest from Ancona in Italy




St. Lollion

Martyr, the New





St. Poplion











St. Stephen

Abbot of the Kiev Caves

Bishop of Vladimir, Volhynia 













St. Symeon [Simeon]

 Bishop of Jerusalem, The Lord's Brother 






St. Symeon [Simeon]

Ascetic, The New Stylite



St. Tertullian

Bishop of Bologna in Italy




St. Theophilus

Bishop of Brescia in Italy











St. Winewald

Abbot of Beverley in England




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