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The Circumcision

of our

Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ






St. Almachius [Telemachus]







St. Basil [Vasilius] The Great

Archbishop of Caesarea [+379]






St. Basil

Father of St. Basil the Great



St. Basil

Bishop of Aix en Provence in France



St. Clarus

Abbot of monastery of St. Marcellus in Vienne, France



St. Concordius









St. Connat (Comnatan)

Abbess of Kildare in Ireland  












St. Cuan (Mochua, Moncan)







St. Elvan











St. Emmelia (Emilia)

Mother of St. Basil the Great 






St. Eugendus (Oyend)

Abbot of Condat in France



St. Fanchea (Garbh)

Sister of St Enda



St. Felix

Bishop of Bourges in France










St. Fulgentius

Bishop of Ruspe








St. Gregory, Bishop of Nazianzus

Father of Gregory the Theologian  [+373]  





St. Justin

Bishop of Chieti in Italy














St. Maelrhys

Ascetic on Isle of Bardsey in Wales 




St. Mydwyn

Ascetic, England



St. Peter

Newmartyr of Peloponnesus, [+1776]



St. Theodosius

 Ascetic, Abbot of Triglia



St. Theodotus





St. William

of Dijon


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