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St. Ammonius









St. Antipas (Athonitis)

Ascetic of Calapodesti and Valaam Monastery  [+1882]





St. Dermot

(Diarmis, Diarmaid)

Founder of  monastery on Innis-Clotran Island









St. Dometianus

 Bishop of Melitine [+602]















St. Gregory

Bishop of Nyssa

 Brother of St. Basil the Great [+394]





St. John Camillus the Good

Bishop of Milan in Italy










St. Marcian

The Presbyter [+5th c]










St. Paul

Ascetic, Abbot of Obnora, Vologda















St. Peter Urseolus







St. Petronius

Bishop of Die in France






St. Sethrid (Saethryth)

Abbess of Faremoutiers-en-Brie in France










St. Theophanes The Recluse

Bishop of Tambov, 1894









St. Theosebia

The Deaconess, Spouse of St. Gregory of Nyssa








St. Thomian (Toimen)

Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland









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