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Question 86.

Hello My Wife was born in Russia and her Name in Russian is Ludmila. She says that 28 September is her Name day and it was always that day in Russia. Going on the internet, some sites say 16 Sept and others 18 Sept. We have a Russian Christian Calendar and it says nothing of her Name Day.
Maybe you could help us with this.

C & L


Answer to Question 86.

Dear Charles & Ludmila,

According to accounts of St. Ludmilla's life she died on the 15th September, but is celebrated by most Churches on the 16th. The only thing I can think of for her feast day to be on the 28th September is the difference of days between the Old and New Calendars. Between the two calendars there are 13 days difference. The Russian Church uses the Old Julian calendar while the Russian State follows the New Gregorian Calendar which is the internationally excepted civil calendar. If we take the date of her death as 15th September on the Old Julian Calendar this will be 28th September with the New Gregorian calendar. Thus while the Church celebrates with the Old calendar on the 15th, the date according to the civil calendar is actually the 28th. Something similar occurs with the date of Christmas. The Orthodox churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia, Mount Athos and a few others still follow the Old calendar and so when they celebrate Christmas on 25th December, the date according to the rest of the world which follows the New Gregorian calendar is 7th January.

With love in Christ
Fr. Christopher