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2016                              SEPTEMBER                               2016


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The Ecclesiastical New Year / The Forty Virgin Martyrs / Sts. Symeon the Stylite / Meletius The New

Sts. Mamas Martyr /

 Eleazar The Righteous/ John IV, The Faster /

 Aethalas Martyr/ Ammon Marty

Sts. Polydorus

N/martyr Cyprus 1794 / Anthimus of Nicomedia /

Theoctistus / Phoebe Deaconess

4    No Fast 5 No Fast 6  No Fast   7    Fast  8  No Fast 9    Fast  10  No Fast

Prophet Moses/

St. Hermiona / Babylas Bishop of Antioch / Peter

Metropolitan of Serbia

Prophet Zacharias

Father of St. John the Baptist /

St. Abdaios Hieromartyr


Remembrance of

Miracle at Chonae

/Sts. Andronicus

The Soldier /

Cyriacus  Martyr/

Maxim Sandovich

Ap. Onesiphorus + Euodus / Sts. Cassiana Hymnwriter / Sozon Martyr/ Macarius of Obruch, Kanev

The Nativity

of the Most holy Mother of God




Synaxis of  Sts. Joachim + Anna/

Sts. Kieran of Ireland / Joseph

Wonderworker, Volotsk,  Russian

St. Menodora,


Nymphodora /

Pulcheria Queen / Paul The Obedient, of the Kiev Caves

11  No Fast  12   Fast 13  No Fast 14    Fast 15 No Fast 16   Fast  17 No Fast

Sts. Euphrosynus The Cook / Evanthia Martyr /

Theodora of Alexandria /

Theodora of Basta

St. Eanswith of Kent/ Autonomus

Patriarch of Constantinople /

Daniel Ascetic of Thaso

Sts. Ketevan


Queen of Georgia/

Aristides Martyr /

Cornelius The


The Universal Exaltation of the

Holy Cross



Sts.  Nicetas The

 Goth Greatmartyr/

Bessarion II

Archbishop of

Larissa/ Philotheus

The Presbyter

Sts. Euphemia

G/martyr/ Ludmilla

of Czechia /

Melitina Martyr/

Cyprian Metro-politan of Kiev

Sts. Sophia,

Faith, Hope + Charity/ Auxibius,

Anastasius +

Heraclidius of


18No Fast 19 No Fast 20   No Fast 21     Fast   22  No Fast 23 Oil + Wine  24

Sts. Eumenius

Bishop of Crete /

Sophia + Irene Martyrs /

Euphrosyna of Suzdal

Sts. Dorymedon

Sabbatius +

Trophimus Martyrs/

Gabriel of Kiev  

Theodore of Yaroslavl

Sts.Eustace /

Hypatius of Ephesus / Meletius

of Cyprus/ Michael

+ Theodore of Russia


Prophet Jonah/

Isaacius of Cyprus/ Acacius of Cyprus/

Demetrius of Rostov

St. Phocus

Hieromartyr/ The 26 Martyrs of Zographou Mon./

Cosmas of Zographou 1323

The Conception

of St. John, the Baptist / Sts.

Polyxena +



Sts. Silouan The Athonite / Thecla

Protomartyr /

Vladislav of Serbia / Peter

the Aleut

25  No Fast

26  No Fast


28   Fast


30     Fast


Sts. Sergius of Radonezh /


Ascetic / Geoffrey of Wearmouth + Jarrow 

The Assumption

 of St. John The

Theologian /

Gideon The



Sts. Callistratus

MartyrApos. Aristarchus +

Mark of the 70/

Peter Polyansky of Moscow

Sts. Auxentius of

Cyprus / Chariton The Confessor /


Martyr, Prince of Czechia

Sts. Cyriacus The Solitary / Dadas,

Gobdelaas +




Sts. Gregory of

Great Armenia /

Ripsima +  Gaiana

Martyrs / Michael of Moscow